Trent Lock – Day 7

Moved off from Loughborough around 9. Enjoyed a nice evening with a kind visit from my old University friend, Dean Onyon.  Hadn’t seen him for 23 years, so good to catch up. Thanks for coming over. We teamed up with the boat Anchilla and made friends with John & Jill from Sileby, who were out for a 4 day trip. At last we get to share a lock and they even waited for us whilst we took on water – cheers guys!

After the day of rain, the sun came back out and we had a marvellous sail down the river Soar.

Past the lovely villages of Normanton, Zouch & Kegworth.

We passed many large boats – maybe this is the one Chris should have bought (phone number’s on the window!). And then on to meet the mighty river Trent. This must be the largest expanse of water we’ve encountered:

Easy to spot where to go:

Two pubs here, the Trent Lock (biggest and serving Doom Bar & 6X) and the smaller (Steamboat, serving Triple Hop, Liverpool Styrian and 3 others!) – no contest!! This is a great grockle spot and it is Saturday and so every man & his dog was here – gongoozling!

We moored 200 yds round the corner a nice quiet spot until a dozen other boats turned up, well it is Saturday night. Here’s our “room with a view” photo:

And of course Toby got his reward – dozens of swims in the river . .

Sunday is another beautiful day and we’ll head off “cruising down the river on a Sunday afternoon …” to well, Sainsburys in Nottingham.