Valentine’s Day

Thirty nine years ago, we got engaged. Italian restaurant, Southampton. So today, we chugged on, to bridge 37 – only an hour and a half but chance to have a pub lunch.

A very foggy start – with an evil looking, post-apocalyptic sun
It soon brightened up into a gloriously sunny day & deserted
We moored just past bridge 37 and sauntered up to South Kilworth
Past the Stanford reservoir
A long road but beer & food at the end
We were very lucky, they are normally closed lunchtimes, in winter, but a walking party had booked in, so yes, we could eat . . 2 x lasagnes and beer! Happy Anniversary!
It were a long road back but downhill.
We decided to chug onwards to the Welford junction (to swing the boat) and then go back past bridge 37 and on to bridge 33 for the night.
It was a good day for photography, so clear & bright – you could see the Death Star quite clearly
Viv gets to drive for a bit
She looks really professional! Calm & relaxed (ish),
Scenic bridge 40
Steve, hmm, the right caption would be “Plonker”
Viv took this – chaotic swirls?
“Better out than in” would be this caption – my perfect bridge for reflections. Is this really February? Sun hat on and coat off!!
Don’t often get his photo – Steve putting up the aerials and his weather station – always asking, where the hell is North?? See the website
Beautiful mooring spot by bridge 33. Spot the very tired doggie?
I did try and wait for them to pose in their “heart” position, well, it is Valentine’s Day.
It is a very scenic spot
And here’s my Valentine – feeding those swans . .

Out on the boat

We always said we’d go out if the weather was agreeable and lo, it came to pass! After days of icy cold and high winds – the Met Office relented and said, “Oh, alright, if you must, here’s some sunshine!”. With the forecast of low winds, full sun and rising temperatures, we gaily slipped our moorings and crept out of the marina for the first time this year. Heading for bridge 27 and maybe beyond for a few days . . .

It really was blindingly bright and very quiet
We met a few boats who had the same idea but otherwise serene
The boat seemed fine – the recent service made the engine sound just grand
I did point out the wildlife to Toby but he wasn’t interested
All wrapped up but the thermals & longjohns weren’t really necessary – the boat reached 26 degrees inside.
Approaching bridge 26 and Gail’s favourite mooring spot – no one here!
I could be wrong but they seem to have cutting a lot of the branches – but more on the offside, still it’s better than nothing.
The favourite mooring spot – quite idyllic and they’ve upgraded the 4G signal (EE) – I managed to get 50 (yes, really) Mbps!!
I think we’ll stay put for a bit.