Day 5 & 6 – Loughborough

Another short day today – more river Soar … through Mountsorrel, Barrow-on-Soar and Sileby Mill – all possible flood risk country but calm & serene today. Hardly saw another boater and we’ve yet to share a lock – weirdly quiet. We moored at the Marston’s pub for lunch but quickly moved on to moor outside the Albion, outside the town. Hmm, first impressions . .. well, you could be in any town – looks all the same … so far, thumbs down I’m afraid.  We also gave the pocket-sized basin a miss too. We do like a quiet spot. A quiet spot with a pub  – even better. Homemade spaggly-boggly tonight. We plan to stay put here as there’s a lot of rain forecast tomorrow.

view looking back at Mountsorrel

one of the awfully nice houses coming into Barrow-on-Soar

and it was deep too …

more than Seven swans a swimming . . 

final mooring – fairly quiet and the famous Albion pub just 100 yds away

Very friendly, old-fashioned pub with all home-made food (lunchtimes only).  They were serving Nottingham’s “Legend”, Hopback’s “Groovy Mover” and their own Albion.  Keith, the landlord was very friendly & welcoming.Their steak & kidney pie was smashing, so glad we stayed the extra day.  It also rained all day – as promised. So, some good planning.  Off we soar to Nottingham tomorrow, well Trent Lock anyway.