Better Out than In?

We may be sliding towards the end of October and the “fun” of living on a boat in winter but the sun is still out and even though our friend couldn’t make this weekend, we planned to go out & lo, it came to pass.

The Open Road ! Very quiet this time of the year.

Steve’s lacquered bear is keen to be out!

Ah, these guys are back. Doing their bit for mooring nicely – not doubled up or moored near a bridge, oh, they are doing both! As usual.

Viv drives – wearing her new knitted poppy – thanks to Jude Calver on nb Black Bart, see RoxyChicKnits to get yours!

I call this the lightning tree – as it dregs up that awful song!! Architectural though, isn’t it?

These guys are cute and were hiding at the bottom of the field. Might be me but I couldn’t help but think of what food to get for Christmas . . . .

It is almost Hallowe’en –  Or is that a spooky reflection causing Steve to look ghostly?

Another Victor Meldrew moment for Steve (and others it seems) as they do insist on mooring tooooo close to the winding hole (over on the right). Long boats have to turn early but that would mean smashing your stern into this ickle boat . . . steel v. fibre glass?

Meanwhile, whilst the temperatures head south (1 degree tomorrow), we have the stove glowing nicely . . .

And Viv makes her sherry trifle – using two jellies (strawberry & then lime) to create a kind of Tequila Sunrise effect! All part of our calorie controlled diet, honest. We can share . . . if you come out this way? But be quick . . .

Our favourite spot! Betwixt bridges 27 & 28.

Summer Lingers but a friend returns

I know a song: “There’s Something wrong with the Weather!” – this warmth continues with temperatures exceeding 17 degrees here. A walk up the Hemplow Hills & the marina Kingfisher seems to have returned!

Toby seems to have a new lease of life – very bouncy & active!

Can the same be said about Viv? Well, we are trying – with longer walks.

A brief flash of blue – and a small bird sits opposite our kitchen window. Yes, the local kingfisher has returned.

Didn’t hang around for long but nice to see him back. Oh, he’s moved to Mr Crabtree . . .

And a very short video . . . they do bob you know!

Early Autumn

After the trip to Whitstable, we were then off again, this time to Viv’s folks in Barry, Wales. Just for a few days. Staying in the local Travelodge – which wasn’t bad at all.

Then back on the boat – Viv paints the design on the cratch table – which needed redoing.

The weather remains amazingly warm & sunny, so off to the Jubilee Park in Crick to walk Toby

Lots and lots of berries about


Autumn colours

Can you spot the Boggle?

He does love a ball game

The mornings are getting colder and the leaves are dropping

Still amazed at the abundance of berries – here’s a bush with just sloes

These are spindleberries – they were used in the hand spinning of wool.

And after the walk – the pub! And another Church End brew on today:

Starting to get brilliant sunsets but also misty, foggy mornings

The Old Boiler


Well October has come around so quickly. It was only July when we visited Mum and made the bold decision to go for a new boiler (old one was 38 yrs old!!) plus a new big radiator for the big lounge. The “stuff” was to be delivered on the Monday morning, with the men arriving around 12 to begin to take the old out & put the new one in . . . sort of went to plan. The radiator didn’t turn up. Not until Wednesday in fact! Still Mum was glad to have us around and to leave Steve to chat with Paul the installer, all about the new smart pumps, modulating boilers, 3-port valves and the posh Internet ready thermostat – yes, Steve can access it and control it from his computer!  Time for more shopping and the odd pub visit . . .

View from  . . . the bedroom and yes, you can see the sea.

Back to the Tankerton Arms for a beer or two . .

Nice selection – inc a dark beer – Sleep Delays?

Yes, a lot more pipes and bits on show!! A smart condensing boiler but so many pipes, pumps and controllers!!

We wanted to find a country pub, that did good food, gave us a nice ride out and let dogs in . . . We found the Duck Inn, Pett Bottom! Only 12 miles away but middle of nowhere! Wonderful food – a real gastro-pub. See the Duck Inn

Good real ale, a big gin menu and the food was really excellent.

I’ve been expecting you . . . .

Quite hidden away but quite a gem . . the hot October weather was a bonus! In fact, too hot to cause the new central heating to come on!!