Thought I’d take a few early pix before a single soul stirred and spoiled the flat glass-like surface of the marina. Looks like a good day for painting!

If all goes well we’ll be on board permanently at the end of October

Back on board

Just a quick visit to bring more “stuff”.
The house is slowly emptying, this time the TV, sat box and dvd played came up. The old Sony 26" plus Humax box will be up for sale when I get back. I also brought all the beer brewing kit up, got a nice American Pale Ale to brew next month, when hopefully we move on board. 30th looks like the date. Most of me chores done – fire’s on and we’re all cosy. Remedial painting tomorrow.
Home Sunday or Monday.

End of the wee holiday

We moved to Welford junction, some 3 hours from Foxton. Rain was forecast so we left after lunch and it did chuck it down later that night and ALL next day. Well it is was Bank Holiday Monday. The plan was to do some of that remedial painting but no, it wasn’t to be. We thought we could stay another day and wait for some dry weather but having to run the engine, we’d might as well get on and go back to the marina – only 3 hrs away … so we did … in the drizzle.

We got back to Yelvertoft at 4, just in time to queue for the service pontoon! Just a refuel (some 160 litres!), then back in our slot.  Home again.

We packed up on Tuesday and went back to the house … more prospective tenants looming – hopefully we’ll back at the boat soon and this time … for good!