Penultimate Visit to Devizes

Yes, this will probably be our last visit to the boat & marina before the Big Trip North in 3 weeks time.  So a set of chores to do – food to buy & store, things to paint and things to fix . .

If you thought polishing me mushrooms was a bad enough euphemism, I spent the morning shining me Squirrel.  The Morsø stove was looking a bit rusty in places and needed some cheering up. Some of the lagging had come away inside too, so more remedial work. 



We bought a new barge pole and Viv had a go at painting it . .


One of the chores is to check the electrolyte level in the starter & bowthruster batteries.  The leisure ones don’t need this as they’re sealed (big Victron AGM ones – 3 of em at £400 each!!). Well, the bowthruster battery was fine and took most of the litre bottle of water,  Getting at the starter battery was no easy matter – it is under the washing machine:


So this had to come out, pipes disconnected … floor removed, battery box cover removed and lo, there was the battery … a good top up and then reverse procedure!!  I had to tie up the waste pipe as it tends to fill & empty at the same time if it hasn’t got a high enough head. That’s Saturday taken care of – Sunday & Monday are official rest days and it’s also the Devizes Street Festival

Anne-Marie & Pierre visit

It looked like rain but then the sun came out and everything cheered up as our old friends from Petersfield came over to see us and to take the boat out to town …

Old hands at handling a boat from our last trip on the Oxford canal … a few years ago

Plenty of wildlife – we saw a Kingfisher yesterday and again today – real close too! Here’s the ever present Heron

We took the boat to town, moored up and walked over to the best pub in Devizes – The Vaults, where the amazing Miranda (sorry, Michelle) was ready to serve us beer & pies . .

 and who had the pie??

Well, Pierre had some too

It was a great day guys – thanks for coming over – come and see us up in Yelvertoft.


Penny & Jenny Visit from Cardiff

It looked a bit on the Autumnal side early this morning but the sun came out and it was time to polish those mushrooms and iron the red carpet because the Cardiff Girls were on their way! Spot on 1 o’ clock they arrived – brilliant!  The dog was waiting … .

The flag was out and the tea was brewing, it only seems like yesterday when we were all together in Trefin.  Such good friends (they brought beer!)

We had a nice lunch in the Hourglass pub next door, then a good walk in a loop along the canal.

Somebody went in for a swim … . no, not Jenny …

Thanks for a great afternoon – we enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you up in Yelvertoft (only 2.5 hours away!) – anytime.


Looking to find some motto . .

Es un viaje, no un destino   ?

Destinatum iter est non

Think I prefer the Spanish!