Day 8 – The Mighty River Trent

After a wonderful evening ..  .  G&T, bottle of Rioja Reserva and a homemade chilli (yes, Steve’s little tree gets used at last), we had a good night’s rest and were ready to bimble on to Nottingham. We lived here, in Keyworth for three years (1990-3) and were keen to re-visit old haunts.

We waited at Cranfleet lock for another boat – Twilight, to share the lock. Then out onto the Mighty Trent for a swift but serene trip:

So strange to be out on a giant river – it flows! But with the sun out, it was sublime.

Time to go to warp factor 9 – not too keen to over do things – it is SO different when the boat is actually yours and not a hire boat.  Our stern gland is a water jacketed one, not a grease one, which is the usual case.  It means we don’t have to faff about greasing our glands (no, not a euphemism) but the faster we go the greater the chance of spraying the engine room with water.  Still we did get the old girl sprinting along.

After nearly an hour of river cruising, Beeston hoves into view and it’s time to get back onto a canal.

A different type of water user is found here.  Her coach was shouting encouraging remarks from the towpath – on his bike.

Our final resting point for the night – looks very tranquil does’t it? But it is probably the nearest mooring to Sainsbury’s, on a busy cycle/footpath, 500 yds from a big gastro pub and then there’s a major road t’other side – Castle Boulevard. But it’ll suit us tonight.

Tomorrow’s lock – right in the centre of the city

Best wishes to all our readers!

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Toby sends his regards too …