Well, we’re in!

Yes, moving house or rather, from boat to house, is very stressful. Driving a van with all the boat contents for 6 hours is really fun! Still, we are in. How did we store so much stuff on a boat??

Happy trio

Not having much in the way of furniture, a lot of deliveries were on the way, fridge on Thursday, bed on Friday, washing machine next Tuesday etc…. and if you order from Oak Furniture, you will get 2 garages full of packing!

Not very eco friendly! Several trips to the tip . .

It hasn’t stopped raining – not really a Wales thing as it’s been floods everywhere. Still on Sunday we did get small window of dryness and so we did a circular walk.

View from our back garden and yes, a rainbow does mean it’s raining!
Viv & Toby on the coastal path
And this is the view – we noticed a waterfall – never seen that here before
This is the path closest to Trefin, looking south to Porthgain
Under the clouds is Trefin – the big tree is ours!
Zoomed in a bit – yep, that big, round evergreen tree is in our garden
Someone’s birthday . . . down to the Shed for posh fish n chips (today was battered monkfish) plus a nice Albarino too
Arty picture of the old ruins of the mill at Trefin

We may carry on doing the blog – what do you think? It’ll help to act as a diary, to remind us when we’re a bit more dotty of what happened and when. Probably start a new site . . .