Time Out – Visiting Whitstable


We’ve finished the first cruise of the year and before we  think about the second one, we’re off to Whitstable to visit with Mother.

Meanwhile here’s a few odd ones left over

The carp resurface in the Summer for food – some really big uns too

A brief clip of our resident Reed Warbler

It was getting so hot on the boat that we decided to take the boat out to bridge 27 and hide under some trees! Gail went too and we also saw Simon there later.

The above pic reminds me of the Windows desktop!

Tried to keep the boat cool but it still got up to 30 degrees inside. At least we can sit in the shade.

Simon & Charlie came by. They are now free and off on their continuous cruising. Although not quite continuous as they had a few teething troubles on what is their sea trial stage. Here’s a pic of the Rushton two cylinder engine.

We had to be back soon as Karl (KC Canopies) was coming over to fit our new cratch cover. Made in this new fabric “Top Gun” and in a stylish burgundy with grey edging. Very nice.  Highly recommended.

With our trip to Mum’s imminent, it’s time to clean the wooden floor, again and put some Osmo Polyx oil on – you can see the before/after scenes here:

Quick change of scene and we’re in Whitstable. Having crawled along the M25 for an hour.

It’s still touching on 30 degrees down here, so, Toby gets a swim and Steve gets his trunks wet.

A brisk day for sailing

Nice view of Seasalter beach


Meanwhile, back at  Swallow Avenue . . . here’s Mum

Next day . . . Tankerton Slopes

Something’s going on . . . down on the beach

They’ve discovered a 16th shipwreck . .

See the BBC news item

I was asked to mind these objects for 5 mins!  Lots of bits of wood salvaged.


End of Cruise #1


Yes, all good things come to an end – except a sausage, of course, which comes to two.

We left Hilmorton early and sailed through Braunston. Arriving at the bottom lock around 9 ish. We then teamed up with a hire boat full of young scouts who were being trained in all things narrowboat. Taking turns to work the locks and steer the boat. This made light work for us and we were soon thru the six big locks and into the tunnel.  We stopped for lunch at Welton but decided to push on for it felt like we were nearing home. Just three very hot hours up the Watford flight (we were third in a queue) but had help from the volunteers. Back in the marina by 4 ish and a quick pump out & restock of tokens, Elsan Green and a card for the electricity. Then it was a navigational puzzle to work out how to get back into our ickle mooring in a force 4 wind blowing east, and thus pushing us onto all the A pontoon boats! Viv called it supreme skill but I called it luck as we let the wind blow us sideways across the marina and then using reverse thrust & some bowthrusting, we slid into B1 without incident. Thanks also to neighbours Ron & Gail who stood by with ropes.

Lots of scouts plus their leaders – all helped to work the locks.


Which made it a bit easier for Viv . . . and very easy for Toby, who supervised

Up to the Norton junction and the smallest sign ever, welcoming boaters with good eyesight to the Leicester branch of the Grand Union. And bridge No 1. Just 17 to go then.

Up the Watford flight – it was very hot.

Water supplies holding up – for now – this heatwave is set for a further two weeks

Back in our mooring – lots of reeds have grown up but we do have our own Reed Warbler . . .

And lots of damsel flies

Back in B1 – lots of encroaching reeds

New acquisition – the Lytchett Navigation Station – ideal for maps, books, ipads, phones and drinks . . . even in the rain

Shows just how tight it is to get in this slot

Not many boats . . . . a lot have gone out for the Summer and a lot have just gone

Toby’s very happy – no more boating for a while . . .