Summer Cruise#2-Day60/61


Decided to stay put. Very misty, moisty morning but forecast is for full sun and lo, for it came to pass! 20 amps plus pouring into the batteries. Lovely jubbly. Good decision. We’ve seen more Yelvertoft boats (Gordon on Cut Loose, Willow, Andante . . .) and all the paintwork is now dry, so pack away the paints and tidy up. Friday 1st September (Autumn starts?), cold start. Painted the well deck, twice. Then went for a long-ish walk around the area, through bean fields and then around the woods – discovered a giant wasp = hornet! Thought there might a nest but dismissed it. Found we couldn’t get any TV signal despite having watched a film (Film4 – The Big Game) last night. Something odd going on with my ickle black knob, the TV or the cable . . . sort it out later. Had toooo many G&Ts – for we have no wine, no beer and stocks are low on everything!!

Happy Anniversary to my Mum & Dad – 61 years today! Hurrah! No further telegram for the Queen but we do look back to last year’s fun with fond memories!  See blogs passim: Diamond Wedding

Saturday did prove to be warm and yes, there is a nest of hornets in the wigwam! Steve went back with the Boggle for a midday walk . . .

Not a very exciting photo but the edges of the well deck needed painting. All done now.

Viv captures the field and haystacks in the final rays of the sun plus a balloon.

This is the actual bridge 27 and that dog.

View of our boat in the distance across the fields . . . and one zoomed in . . .

Back in the cool of the woods – Toby hunts for Squirlies!

Hmm, that star filter in use again . . . dappled shade

Lots of evidence of badgers . . .

Meanwhile, Viv takes it easy and takes a call from Anne-Marie!

Here’s the alarming pix of the hornets nest, which we didn’t stir up but got close enough to take some photos. I did wonder why the wigwam was left deserted and the gardens around were left . . .

The wigwam in the middle of the woods and usually quite well hidden – most folk don’t know it’s here but I posted these pix on Twitter and told the Woodland Trust as we don’t really want any kids (or anyone else) poking around in here, thinking this is fun! They only attack if disturbed.