End of Summer Cruise#2 – Day62


We stayed the extra day. The weather was good but no work was needed just time to relax. Met up with other boaters (Brindley & DulcieBlue) and watched satellite TV – it works!

Sunday, 3rd September, it was time to move off. Rain was forecast later so off we chugged the final few miles back to the marina – it’s about 80 minutes from bridge 27.

A dull & windy day

Back in our slot, B4. Odd cos there’s no one in B1, B2, B3 or B5, B6 or B7! Feels like we’re the plague ship. Nice though.

This shows how isolated we are . . . for the time being.

All tidied up, fenders stowed. Water taken on, rubbish off. Second batch of washing on the go. Combi oven transferred from the car to the boat.

It feels like we’ve been out forever but it’s just 2 months. It’s good to be home. A brief rest before we head down to Ubley (check on our lock-up and visit with David & Judith, helping out at the Chew Valley Beer Festival). The following week sees a rare visit from Cardiff! Then we head to Whitstable to visit family before heading to Mojacar in October for the winter . . . so busy, busy, busy . .ish.

So no more blogs for a while . . might report from Mojacar, who can say!

Thanks to all our readers. Thank you for your support – I shall always wear it 😉

Oh and Merry Christmas!