Summer Cruise#2-Day 42


Mr Davies wanted to be the first in the door of Wedges (the marvellous bakery/butchers etc), so he chugged past us at around 0740! He said they’ll wait for us! Worth a shop – sausage rolls, pies, cream cakes, bread, black pudding!! Another hour chugging along in the spotting rain to the Lapworth locks – yes, big flight today 19 locks and we had a queue of 4 ahead of us already!!

First two lift bridges – with Two’s Company taking the lead role today, Lucia gets to do the bridges!

And again! Thanks!

Some of the waiting hire boats decided to stop together after a few locks and let us go by – strange but very charming of them.

Viv & I take it in turns to do a few locks and then drive . . . it proved to be of a frustrating day as a few hire boaters seemed a little clueless but never mind we got to where we wanted to go in the hours CanalPlan said we would. And a wonderful Volly called Roger helped us down the wholes main flight! I met him before a month ago when we came up this way – he has a smart Audi and is into cars – nice chap – thanks!

Nearing the end

Stephen stops to take on water but still finds time to help us into the penultimate lock, cheers mate!

We even get help from a little boy, in awe of the big boats despite clutching a cute toy of Darth Vader!

The Force was definitely strong with that one!

And thru our 19th lock – Roger still helping out – what a star!!

We finished the day just before bridge 63 and the pub, Tom O’ the Wood. Toby is always happy when the boat stops – we are too I think. A long day but a visit to said pub and a a meal as we wait for Stephen & Lucia’s kids to arrive from Sicily (Gemma & Antonia).

We had some great beers and splendid food at the Tom O’the Wood (sadly no pies and only 1 salmon – must adjust my TripAdvisor review!;-) ) but a marvellous jambalaya, fish n chips and two harissa baked fish with cumin samphire and taboulleh! Many thanks to them for this!!