Summer Cruise#2-Day 41


Mr Davies has itchy feet – he always has to be moving! And so he was off at 0830, waiting for us at the water point at Holliday Wharf. Then the lock free chug down the canal to the King’s Norton junction where we turn left and head on to the North Stratford canal to a mooring (as before) near the Blue Bell Cider House. Where, yes, we’ll imbibe some cider before Steve cooks a fish risotto (including Baz’s Zander!).

Here’s a rare view – the centre of Birmingham on a Sunday morning

Gas Street Basin

Worcester Bar – there used to be a small swing bridge here . . .

Two’s Company bringing up the rear as we coast past Bourneville

Making that sharp left turn at Kings Norton Junction

Then under that guillotine lock . . . bit of a squeeze

Pit stop for lunch near the Drawbridge . . .

I spied Stephen washing up! And Lucia shows me the Sicilian flag

No more pix of today – but we had a few ciders in the Blue Bell!