Summer Cruise#2-Day 43


Hurrah, Gemma & Antonio made it to the mooring not too late last night. The pub, and I must restore their rating, said they can leave their hire car in the car park for a few days, thank you guys! A splendid pub.

Mr Davies had stirred his now, enlarged crew and they were all up, dressed, washed (I’m guessing) and full English breakfasted by 0800.

So off we went at 0820 . . . . scurrying after the Sicilians . .

It’s about an hour or so to the Hatton flight – one of the most daunting and challenging flights of locks. A flight means, you have to do em all – there’s no stopping – no overnighting or even pausing! This flight I find the worst as you see a whole load of em in one go! But we got there. Meanwhile, some very nice scenary.

And a few cocodrilos (crocodiles) – our name for lumps of wood!

We do share the driving – in fact Viv did the whole first hour . . .

And a tunnel – Shrewley – note the “people” tunnel on the right

And an odd view, looking back at the helmsman – the angle shows just how far away they are and why we use walkie-talkies for our comms!

And into the first of the 21 locks with Two’s Company! Now we have six of us so plenty of help . . . Mr D is in heaven . . .

Happy bunny (does he look more Godfatherish to you?) It wasn’t long before he had cracked open some Guinness, at 1030!! Mind you I didn’t complain when I was offered a glass! I knew what was coming  . . . 20 big locks and an improved forecast of 21 degrees!

We now have help – beautiful help in the very shapely, Gemma & Antonio


Lucia does a wind up . . .

Gemma takes the helm

A very hunky Antonio (so very Sicilian) waves and shows us his, er skills


We did swap over and Steve did the locks whilst Viv drove the canoe into the locks but not before Viv had an injury – the windlass bit back. Winding these hydraulic locks up means you get to the top and there’s a bounce at the top – they have no ratchet, so the windlass spins wildly back – not before it had smashed into Viv’s face . . lots of blood! Woe.

Meanwhile we marvel at Antonio . . . .

We finish the big 21 locks and moor up. Stephen cracks open the Prosecco and prepares a cocktail for the 6 of us – many thanks!

A great finale (note Viv still suffering)

We tucked in to Wedge’s produce (scotch eggs, pork pies etc – but not Viv) and then Mr itchy feet was off – “wish me well when you wave me goodbye”! Adios amigos! Hasta la proxima!

Our goodbyes were not for long as our acquaintance was met fairly soon as Mr D had clearly not studied his guidebook and came down the Saltisford Arm rather than carrying on (left turn) down the G.U.

We followed the Trust’s chappie (Ian) and winded at the winding hole then reversed down the arm to moor alongside Nicola Tesla (another strange coincidence as he was one of my idols, being a physicist like wot I is) even more strangely, a boat called Faraday was moored down at the end of the arm

There’s our boat, on the outside of Tesla. Jolly decent place this. Admittedly, not the quietest (road and rail very adjacent). But handy for the town. Plus we have electricity and water. (£5.50 a night).

Here’s the wounded crew back from Warwick A & E – in under an hour. Two stitches – no solid food for 5 days. So, just soup, soup and er, gin then?  Poor Viv – such a brave sailor!! Hic, as I write this – getting ever more reliant on the spillchucker, we are on to our 3rd G&T. . . .

And here’s those Physics chums I mentioned

I like this odd arm – might be here for a few days . .. . .