Summer Cruise#2-Day 24-CHESTER!


The Met Office screwed up – their 5 day forecasting is usually so good, we always check it first thing and plan our day accordingly. So we set off soon after 0900 o’clock, a.m and thought we’d be home and dry by 2 but lo, it drizzled and drizzled and then it poured – just when we’d got to the 5 awesome if not gruesome locks. Normally, we don’t do rain but I blame David . . . got to get to Chester! Actually we have several days in hand . . . got to clean ship and re-vittel . . . I think I saw a Waitrose (darling) back a bit. We have a shopping list for the mundane things (Tesco’s) but the special things like wind-dried water, architectural chips and whole sturgeon (a nod to Posh Nosh there – watch if you have time or bookmark. Must get a Aga for the boat)

Let’s look at the day as it unfolded. Are you sitting comfortably children?

We’ll start with Wednesday . . . Nantwich to Bate’s Mill Bridge, let’s get water . .

“Please move on after use . . “

Bit of traffic congestion at Barbridge junction – the arm that goes off to join the Trent & Mersey at Middlewich

Viv drives the boat into the Bunbury staircase lock – one boat coming up, so we move over . .

A few more locks to do and then it showered, heavily!!

But the clouds soon rolled by and we were painting the sky with sunshine . .

Sing along with Uncle Jack, children . . .

We moored with a lovely view of Beeston castle, no TV, no signal but a view!

Thursday – moved off to miss the rain . . . oh no we didn’t . .

Five big and heavy locks going down into Chester – sharing gleefully with “No Regrets” (I hope they didn’t) and more rain!! Viv said she didn’t like these locks – 41 turns to wind em up!!

It rained so hard the locks overflowed and the landing stages were awash

But on our final few locks, the sun came back out . . (Chemistry Lock)

Viv & Toby – drying out

Final straight into Chester

Not a very salubrious mooring – very noisy with lots of footfall but it’ll do. Very close to Tesco’s and all the main streets