Summer Cruise#1 – Day 28


Well, to be honest we are a bit bored with rivers and long for the canal system – didn’t think I’d say that but there it is. Plus on arrival in Newark, our neighbours said that they’d found out it was only a short walk to Newark Castle railway station and then a £6 return, 18 minute journey direct service to Lincoln! So, no-brainer really. Neither of us feel particularly motivated to move on any further down the Trent, having visited both Lincoln & Boston when we lived up by here years ago. So, off we went to Lincoln – Toby comes too!

Quite a pleasant & rapid trip

Toby was completely unfazed by it all.

We walked about 17,000 steps by the end of the day – around the Brayford pool

Looked at all the boats and wondered why local councils are so poor at welcoming boaters – not a great deal here for narrowboats

This is a view looking back west to the Fossdyke

And Steven with his new FatFace top, with the famous Glory Hole behind.  This is now the river Witham and the low height prevents bigger boast from cruising down this stretch, which ultimately leads to Boston.

Beyond the Hole there are supposedly moorings – you can see a few rings & cleats and later I saw a sign saying 24 hrs only.  Hmm, not a particularly nice spot and hard to get access to the path especially with a dog.

After a coffee & roll, we began the long walk up Steep Street to the cathedral

Stunning views of the cathedral and the recently renovated friezes

It was £8 admittance and we weren’t if the dog could go so we didn’t linger, much

Very impressive . . .

The bishop was a tad tired after the walk and dealing with all the peasants . . .

No dogs allowed in the castle nor the museums or galleries, so we walked back down to view the river, the sculpture and the moorings more closely

Yes, I think we made the right decision to visit by train! We returned to the station, via the cake shop & the Chinese supermarket and later on a visit to the Blue Monkey brewery pub, the Organ Grinder and then back to the Just Beer pub, who were looking forward to a load of students turning up after 9 – they are from the music college (?) where they make instruments (?). They just have a free jam session. We must revisit another Tuesday evening I think to watch this.

We’ll be here for a few more days as we are waiting for our postal voting cards to arrive from my folks in Kent to the P.O. here in Newark.