Summer Cruise#1 – Days 29-35


We hung around Newark for some post to be forwarded, visited the Blue Monkey brewery pub, the Organ Grinder and also the Just Beer place (again) as well as several trips to Waitrose, darling. We left on Friday and sailed against the flow of the mighty Trent (all of a 1 knot flow I reckon), through town lock, Hazleford lock and made Gunthorpe lock just before the lockie clocked off at 1730. Back to the lovely visitor moorings, almost to ourselves. Here for a few days R&R then on to Nottingham, to begin the last segment of the Leicester Ring.

Here’s crewman, quartermaster, lock wheeler .. . .  . Viv at the helm – with a big following wind causing quite large and scary waves. Engine revs were increased to counteract the “uphill” journey.  Engine temp increased but became steady.

Hazleford lock keeper said we were spot on time, as each lock radios ahead to tell them who’s coming up.  Our  SOG (speed over ground) was 4 mph. The boat did well (Isuzu 42 and Axiom prop).

Back to the Gunthorpe moorings and the next morning, wall to wall blue skies and sunshine. Dog liked it too.

The mighty Trent – a lot calmer now.

We treated ourselves to an Indian takeaway from the nearby Bridge & Bayleaf – one of six eateries within walking distance. Highly recommended.

Saturday (Day 32?) we left and did the last bit of main Trent, thru Stoke Bardolph lock and Holme lock and into the Nottingham canal beside Trent bridge and on to the visitor mooring near Sainbury’s and Castle marina (again) busy but fairly secure . . .

Firstly, with a few days to spare what is one to do but make a trifle – no sherry but two jellies and custard and toasted almonds! Should last a week??

We passed the outfall at Burton Joyce where the swans seem to love the water

Round past the signs of ancient landing stages where barges used to load/unload. Now occupied by a solitary heron.

And back to usual spot just before the marina

And not too far to walk to the Crafty Crow – a new set of beers on this time, we tried the Black Jesus (black IPA, nice but powerful) and the American Pale (Backyard Brewhouse), even better!

Viv enjoyed it too!

Talking of security, our friends on Narrow Minded, caught us up and managed to squeeze in behind. They were leaving their boat to pop home (electric bikes/train).  They told us they’d left it before and it had been broken into – kids probably, who nicked everything and threw most of it in the field nearby. They also let off all three extinguishers leaving a heavy coating of dust everywhere. Nice. So they now leave their boat in this rather armoured condition. Hoping any deviants would pass their boat and go nextdoor, nice!