Summer Cruise#1 – Day 27


May Day, May Day! Perhaps not the best shout from a boat on the waterways but, yes, tis now May indeed! No, we didn’t get up at dawn to dance skyclad around any maypoles. We set off about ten ish. Woke the lockie up and went thru Gunthorpe Lock. Then a yogurt pot decided to come too, so we stopped the lock operations, reversed the flow and opened the gates to let him in. Hmm, big lock. Then out on to the mighty Trent for a 4 hour cruise to Newark:

Just out of the lock – all the foam is from the giant weir behind . . .

A view looking back – just to show how wide and to be honest a bit plain this bit is . . . we do like this  cruise but, to be honest, we prefer the canal network. More places to stop and more to see?

Hazleford lock opens for us . . .

Just before Farndon marina we saw this little RIB with a couple of Boy Scouts and er, a mayor, complete with chains of office . . . . I think the local scouts were having a jamboree . .

We had arranged to call in at Farndon for a pump out, they only charge £10, which is what we pay back in our home marina. Didn’t know at the time how prestigious this place was and that it’s the most expensive marina around (2 year waiting list).

Not really geared up for 65 foot boats! Notice the odd boat in the background – Enigma?

As we passed a huge power station we saw this work of art by Norman Sillman (see Staythorpe )

And then past the weir . . . . hmm not all boomed . . . just open . .

The huge Averham weir – only partially boomed off – a bit unnerving seeing all that water cascading, keep right indeed.

Weirs are not the only hazard on this stretch – we had two very large boats pass us! The tour boat,

And then Gwendoline!

Final stop for Adagio, on the visitor pontoons – lucky to find a space – easier to get the dog on and off. Unlike the next pic – of Newark castle (and that grockle boat) which shows the longer stay moorings but very high walls.

Chatting with Craig, one of the lock keepers, he replied to my query about local pubs, with – see that iron stairway over there – follow that up to a courtyard and you’ll find “Just Beer”, an award winning micro pub . . . .

Which of course we did!

A very warm welcome inside – especially for dogs (several in there already)

Smashing host and a great spread of beers & ciders . . .

Quite interesting – we tried a few!  Back for one of Steve’s chicken & mushroom risottos with garlic, white wine and shed loads of butter & parmesan cheese!