Summer Cruise#1 – Day 26


A nice stay-put day, Sunday. Not a lot to do. Go for Sunday lunch in the Unicorn, walk the dog along the Trent plus a swim or two.  Plan the next week – looks like move off to Newark tomorrow, stay Mon – Fri then maybe, just maybe head down the tidal bit to Torksey, after taking advice from the CRT staff at Newark.

They do a 2-course Sunday lunch for £13.25 (see menu ) and only 50 yds from the pontoon – the next pic gives some idea of the scale of things and how small our boat appears:

The magnificent bridge opened by HRH:

It’s a nice stay here – lots of boats have come and gone, we’re currently alongside Lauremma and Narrow Minded. We have been neighbours to a nice couple from Newark on Ocean Mist – a big Broom 455 cruiser (over 1/2 mill new!):

One crew member who has enjoyed this stopover is Toby. Grateful for the engine being quiet but also the swims he’s had. He is definitely getting old but still loves a good swim. He appears at the hatch – looking for food, I guess.