Days 9 & 10 – Le Weekend

Chance for the glumness to subside? Moored up near bridge 27 on the Coventry. A quiet weekend, not moving at all. Lots of sunshine – the solar panels doing their job and taking the batteries to 100%. Viv cleaned all the windows & Steve polished some of the boat. Visited the marina to see about Monday – saw Kevin (the Victron guy – who helped to install the batteries last year). Seems they are going to be very busy next week, so Cox’s will have to come out & remove the gear themselves – suits me.

I bought the descaler – Leescale (£23!!) but it is designed for the purpose of descaling toilets so, job done(!). Still feeling extremely depressed but I guess this is a shakedown week and it’s all about getting things sorted. The forecast for Easter is 18 degrees! About double what it is today. So that looks good.

A couple of boats moored here – one called Chloe – rings a bell and so it should as we met Steve on his boat on the Ashby last Summer. He even came round for tea!

Took some more pix . .

Saturday night – time for tapas & Cava
Sunday morning stroll up the hill – taking photos of the boat – middle picture? Then zoomed in:

20x zoom
Chloe too, although I heard Steve say he wanted to rename it Voyager 3
Fields of oil seed rape plus a Virgin train
The weather station – I’ve made a rod for my own back with this device. Always having to put it back up when moored – having to find which way is north and then the base station won’t talk to the computer . . . a pain but it is a useful hobby – see
A good buy these solar panels – they have more than paid for themselves – we reckon, on the back of an envelope, that they would have to generate 32,000Ah to balance their cost when compared to running the engine. Well, we’re over 35,000Ah now and going strong. A good installation from Onboard Solar, by Tim Davies.
A neighbour – two boats in fact – the wee one at the bow was a rowing boat on the Thames. Now rescued and converted. It has a 5 hp engine and is very useful for a run to the shops as you can turn it around quite easily.
And their dog . . . Dill