Days 11 > In for repairs

So, Monday morning and at 0830 we chug the 100 yds along to the marina to let Cox Autos come and take out the Travel power to test & repair.

Lee turned up farly sharpish and in under an hour had the kit off and returned to base to run the tests. Some time later we had the dreaded phone call . . . there’s two problems a module duff on the control panel and the stator in the alternator is faulty . . totals £664 with VAT! Time the saw the arm & a leg off then?

So marooned here until Thursday when hopefully we can be on our way again, with a fully refurbished generator plus a year’s guarantee.

What else is lining up to go wrong? Still, count ourselves lucky that we are in the right place – a cosy, friendly marina with electricity and the generator specialists just 5 miles away.

A circular walk on Sunday
Across the fields of oil seed rape
Toby enjoyed a different walk
Back on the canal and a bit of heritage – how many phone lines did this telegraph pole support? And why so many?
Ah, the bothersome Travel Power control panel
And the big alternator
And here’s Adagio, nestled in amongst the boats – home for four days.
View from the bank above