Day 8 – Springwood Haven

Very glum day today. I guess you do get days like this and it is only the first week and so, kinda like doing Sea Trails – somethings have gotta give! Yesterday it was the Jabsco Macerator toilet. All fixed – Steve was on the job (!). And today we aim to sort out the Dometic Travel Power – this is a fancy name for a 230V alternator plus its grey control box. Fancy indeed, for yes, to buy new they are £4,000!! It just supplies the boat with 3.5kW of A.C. power. It is the only way we can recharge the leisure batteries, so kind of vital.

It had cut out a week or two ago but after a few minutes came back. So, i was guessing, it got too hot and some kind of thermal cut out operated. It happened again recently and again when we were doing some washing. For a moment we were running the washing machine from the batteries when it cut out and the output current went up into the 100’s!! Woe.

Luckily for us there is a specialist company called Cox Auto, which specialise in repairing these gadgets and they are quite close – in Atherstone. So we chugged on 3 hours to Springwood Haven marina, just past Nuneaton and have arranged with them to moor there on Monday for a few days @£10/night. We can hook up with the electricity and let the guys from Cox Auto come and get our kit – test it- hopefully service it and then put it all back.

Meanwhile, another frosty start but a fairly uneventful trip along the Coventry canal.

Along the Coventry canal – past the still rather odd Charity Dock
A familiar mooring spot – we spent quite a few days here last Summer, when we bought the new set of batteries.
Maybe monochrome best suits the mood?
A familiar boat – Sigma Alpha Mu (Sam I guess)
Springwood Haven Marina – a very helpful & friendly place