Day Nine – Out onto the Trent

A later start saw us move Adagio all of 1 mile further into the city of Nottingham. We moored opposite the famous Fellowes, Clayton and Morton warehouse (now a pub) and walked into town. We visited Gauntley’s:  Steve’s favourite tobacconist and bought a new blend “Bootlegger’s Delight”. They had turned the entire main square into a beach, with sand, amusements etc – bizarre!

Back on the boat … and the short journey down to the Trent.

bit of a dingy route …

and the final Meadow Lane Lock … huge and stiff

out onto the Trent and Notts Forest F.C … . we remember Brian Clough!

look hard and you’ll see the flood markings of past years … all calm today

photo of the day – driving under Trent Bridge! Cricket ground off to the left

no pix of the river cruise, which was about 40 mins down the massive but tranquil Trent and then sharp right towards Holme Lock. Beside this they take off a bit of the river to feed the white water, canoe slalom course … nothing was stopping us from taking a right turn and down onto this …

this is where the course between those red & white posts leads to:

a large boom across the weir . . 

you can see how close we are to the course! The youngsters in the boats go down this course, drag their boat out and then paddle up the river (past us) and then back down again.  Such fun!

We’re a bit low down in the water here but ideal for Tim Davis of Onboard Solar to visit us tomorrow and fit solar panels! Yippee, no more worries about batteries and running the engine to top em up.

This will be the turning point for our cruise – we will head back Tuesday and retrace our steps but we’ll visit the Erewash Canal for a few days – quite a lot of industrial heritage there I believe.

That’s all folks!