Day 31 – 7 hrs to Heaton’s Bridge

Despite CRT’s failing in their statutory duty to keep a waterway navigable, the water had flowed down during the night and the previous dry pounds had refilled and boats started to move at 0800, so we were off! A few angry voices as some boats tried to leapfrog those waiting … so goodbye Wigan!

Look water! All OK now …

Round to lock No 86 (going downhill now – note the widning mechansim for the gates as the original beams were in the way of the new bridge!). We paired up with John & Maggie on “Maggie May?”, the question mark was there because, Maggie may or may not!

And past Wigan pier, yes, that’s it!

And here’s the crew – all glad to be off . .

Quite a long day today, to make up for the missing hours from yesterday. Through lots of electric swing bridges and the junction of the Rufford branch, where we took on water

After over seven hours, we past Heaton’s Bridge and decided to moor up beside some very vocal Coots!

A nice mooring! Time for garbanzos y rioja