Day 21 – Marbury Country Park

Our third day here and this time off to the other side of the canal to explore Marbury Country Park. This was originally a large house with fabulous grounds, a pool and a lime grove of trees. The house has gone but the pool and grove are still there plus an arboretum and much more.

A stately home, then a superb club, then requisitioned during the war then used by ICI as a hostel for their workers . . 

The outdoor pool still survives and is in use – quite  a rare thing nowadays.  Some lovely walking areas including a large mere, which Toby had a splash about in.

Something for everyone here – quite a hidden gem. Here’s Viv in the arboretum with an Oriental Plane tree.

Something for dogs too . . 

We managed to coax Toby thru the long tube … biscuits helped. Not sure there’s an agility course for Robins.

Even something for Steven – a snack bar run by two enterprising ladies – with their own blend of teas, homemade dog biscuits and freshly cooked Scotch pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup!

The weather was brilliant and we were glad to find such a nicely kept park.