Day 20 – A lift and a park

We awoke and found out the shocking news that the bigoted, xenophobic public had voted us out of the EU. 75% of the youngest voters wanted in but their elders thought better. The pound sank to its lowest value ever and millions were wiped off shares & pensions. All very depressing but it’s made us reconsider our plans and a future living back in the Canaries seems more promising now. But on with the blog . .  . a so-called day of rest, turned into a day of clean up & reorganise everything! The fuel tank was dipped, the stern gland was re-greased. A fender was lovingly re-attached (see piccie with Steve’s expert whipping) and the whole place tidied up. We then had soup for lunch and marched off 1.5 miles to the Anderton Lift – one of the Seven Wonders of the inland waterways.

These mini fenders tend to get ripped off in locks so it was time for new rope and fittings.

Our very pleasant mooring despite the rain. And on to that boat lift. They’ve had a huge refurbishment to get the lift working again and have built a massive visitor centre on two levels – disappointingly, no dogs! They could have built access to the outside area but no. You can’t see the lift or anything if you have a dog!

I marched in alone and took a few piccies (this is the only view from the towpath)

Here’s a sneaky view of the control room

and here’s the dog unfriendly view from their gardens

Here are two lots of boats passing

And out on to the river Weaver – with the huge chemical works opposite (formerly Brunner Mond, then ICI and now Tata I think, making Sodium Carbonate??)

On the left are the visitor moorings (river Weaver)

Back up on the towpath we saw this little boat, Bogwoppit !

We decided to walk back through the parkland and the Dragonfly path, nice views of the Weaver plus deciduous woodland.

It’s a wonderful place for birders!

A whole silver birch woodland plus plenty of chances for a dog swim …

Altogether a lovely area to spend a few days.  Tomorrow, a few more chores and we must sit down and plan the next leg of our journey, then another walk this time over the footbridge to Marbury country park.