Day 19 – Northwich

A boiling hot day but time to move on. Mooring up in a town is good for shops, pubs and pubs but not good for solitude and a nice view. So onwards to Northwich. Chugging through large lagoons caused by the salt extraction and then a visit to the recently restored Lion Salt Works – now a museum & exhibition. Then on to a very quiet spot near Marbury country park for a few days of Rest & Recreation plus Make n Mend. We left Middlewich via the Big Lock:

An odd and eerie site – an aqueduct

Navigating these expanses of open water . .  or flashes as they’re called

It was a beautiful day … even sailing through the Tata chemical works

A lunchtime stop at the Salt works . .  a fascinating place and lots of exhibits too, see  both our parents can remember having a block of salt in the larder!

And then a mile further to our designated quiet zone