Wednesday – 24th September – to Braunston

Right, 9 locks and 9 miles today. A very leaky gate meant there was little water after the first lock so we had to let some water down …

Viv does all 9 locks!

some very leaky locks

you meet some lovely people over the locks – always chatty and full of helpful info about your route . . coming down to Napton – windmill on the hill.

A page from the Pearson’s guide – showing what we use to navigate the canals and to work out where to get water, dispose of rubbish, pubs and moorings!

wonderful CRT volunteer at the bottom lock – thanks!

The Folly pub (sorry, 1100 a bit early even for me!) – went here with AM & P. and then it snowed! No more locks – off to Braunston.

the famous windmill in Napton hill

Viv getting her second gold star for driving past moored boats, and an oncoming boat and taking lungfuls of smoke from Steve’s fire!

A happy Viv! Getting into her stride now. Notice the VHF radio – we use these for 2-way comms – very useful.

Welcome to Braunston turn. Here it’s left turn to ? and right turn to our route to Yelvertoft. We had a smashing surprise here as our friends Chris & Chris had made the effort to come and see us & the boat before heading off for the weekend. They had a meal at the Boathouse and suggested we moor outside … us and a pub, really?  Did we need asking twice?  Thanks for coming guys – it made our day!

What a nice mooring! We even came back in the evening – the excuse was – free Wi-Fi and the ability to update this blog and of course some more beer – I had Old Thumper at lunchtime and now it’s Marston’s EPA. A great pub & cool bar staff.