Tuesday – Cropredy to Marston Doles

We’re just amazed at the weather. We came prepared – waterproofs, boots etc. Wood & coal for the stove … but I had to go out and buy sunscreen! We’ve had marvellous sunrises, sunsets and such warm weather. 14 miles and 8 locks today. 0800 to 1445 finish – lightweights, eh? But we’re beginning to get into the cruising groove & the let’s finish early.

lots of locks up to the summit

a liveaboard with a cunning leather, um, bum bag (lit.) to hold his lock key

Viv earns her gold star badge for tricky steering!

The Fenny Tunnel – well, it was but the roof crumbled, so no roof but very narrow.

a “turn-over” bridge – helped the ‘Orse cross over without unhitching the tow rope.

That’s enough for one day. No phone signal. No satellite reception (trees!). A wonderful M&S meatballs, Lloyd Grossman red wine sauce and pasta meal. Tasty.  This is Marston Doles – top of the Napton flight.