The Adagio Brewery

After ten days the hydrometer read 1008 and it was time to keg the beer. This was one of the new types of beer kit that contains lots of real brewery wort, hops and a proper brewer’s yeast.  These tend to take a lot longer to ferment.  The kit also contains some hop “tea bags” that you add later in the fermentation process to impart hoppiness aroma. I’m using the Bulldog kits, see and this one is the American Pale Ale – Four Finger Jack:

For the technical … the OG was 1052 and the final gravity 1008 – which makes it a 5.8% abv beer?  We’ll see. The two bags of hops added late were Zeus and Centennial.  Probably be 2 to 3 weeks to clear or explode, one or the other! If this is successful then I’ll have a go at some of the others.