Summer Cruise#2-Day30


Another long and damp day. From Market Drayton, thru the gruesome Tyrley locks, the Jurassic forest of the Woodseaves cutting, Norbury Junction and then easing into Gnossal. David leaves us tomorrow but time to wander down to the town and re-visit the George & Dragon. For us it’s been 174 miles so far and 191 locks!!

Coming down the five Tyrley locks was bad enough – the last two have to be prepared together as there’s nowhere to pull over and moor – it’s too shallow. This time we are going up and there are huge by-washes where the overflow gushes out. The first one really took the boat and bashed her about. Second one, I was ready and plotted my wind & tide reckoning to get her in without a scratch:

If you don’t go at a fair lick, the boat’ll get swept over to the right and pinned on the rock face.

I suppose in hindsight, the best thing would have been to wind up the paddles at the top of the lock which should reduce the by-wash.

No damage done (no flower vases thrown over this time) apart from scraping the rubbing strips & me pride. Got 10/10 for the next lock.

And not far from these locks are the cuttings – huge ones, cut from the rock. Time has brought a great green forest to cling to the walls. Some places are narrow and yes, we met 3 boats and had to pull over.

And you can get a feeling that someone or some thing is watching you!

This next clip even has some animals closing in . .

Out of the cutting and a playful dog shows off his coat! Complete with holes for his legs and er, other bits.

Aiming for bridge 35 so a way to go yet but here’s a bridge 42 for Lucia & Stephen!

Another curio

Past Norbury junction.

And then we ran (lit.) into these herberts. Previously, one boat got stuck for 15 mins trying to get past. Someone should dredge this canal, oh, they are!! They had to use the digger bucket on the front to pull us thru!

It’s a good 30 minute stroll into town but we use the old and disused railway line into the main part. They have a good fish n chip shop so the plan is to have a pint or two in the George, shop in the Co-op (for some Fizz) and then collect our fish supper on the way home. Nice.

The George had Black Grouse stout, Golden Glow and a few others.

Cheers David!

Final mooring spot.