Summer Cruise#1-Day51 End


I feel a little like Darth Vadar. I seem to be pursued by the Millenium Falcon! We met them at Sileby bridge, then Kilby bridge, then the locks up to Foxton and today they zoomed by – at a little bit less than light speed:

And for those of you who do not know what ship the Falcon is :   see   Star Wars

Meanwhile, back to the last full day of our Summer Cruise #1

We left our spot next to Lubenham Lodge and chugged off quite early as we knew it was going to get a bit Scorchio!! Twenty-four degrees again. We left soon after eight and chugged the very pleasant two hours to Welford junction.  The quayside here is very low and so you get down to do de painting!  We had a few lock rashes, well, we have travelled 223.5 miles and been through (and sometimes scraped thru) 121 locks! I reversed round Welford junction to a suitable mooring – painted one side – drove up to the junction, 3-point turn back to the mooring – painted t’other side.  Meanwhile Viv cleaned the solar panels and polished me mushrooms.

On the way, following most narrowboaters motto of “you can never have too many scenic bridge pictures”, here’s two more

Plus a dog, who looks like he’s actually enjoying it for once

Past North Kilworth marina (to be). Standing precariously on top of the boat, I got a good view of the building site – I even saw Gazza and gave him an”Oi!”, to which I got an “Oi!” back. I then shouted “Any day now, any day now”

Final resting place for today – back to the marina tomorrow.

And here’s a bit from the Skipper (sorry the end got cut orf):