Summer Cruise#1- Day 50

Around the Ring in 50 days?  Does it really feel like we’ve been out 50 days? Don’t know. Why stop? Well, Crick show is one small reason plus a bit of R&R as we’re a bit cream crackered – it didn’t seem this difficult 2 years ago! Mind you having seen Beryl on Wasp – one of the original boat girls, she was on the Limehouse run, apparently (no idea – answers in the comments below??), we must be 20 or 30 years her junior, so we can’t complain, much! Nearly five hours today but it was also a wait for Foxton locks. It was really hot – hottest day of the year so far – 26 degrees in the boat! Viv drove the boat up and I slogged thru the gear going uphill – I had help from a chap (Ade) from the boat coming up behind us (Serendipity), which was nice. So, got to Lubenham, one of our local favourite spots, just a few minutes up from Foxton.  Nice views and an easy mooring.

Superb rural views as we head off to Foxton – a field of buttercups

No, Viv’s not saluting, just the very bright and hot day – upgraded from 22 to 24 degrees.

A very familiar sight – bottom of Foxton locks. Four boats went up and one was waiting in the middle so we had a bit of a wait. Time for a beer then:

Viv drove up the 10 locks, whilst me & Ade wound the paddles and shifted the gates.

Steve hard at work – showing his best side here

Soon at the top -some 75 feet higher up now!

Ten minutes later – all stop, finished with engines . . . Lubenham.  Shuffled up to get a better view.

View from . . . that’s enough for one day. Welford junction tomorrow.  Time for some Boodles gin – pinkers all round.