Off to meet Monty

One of those “shall we stay or shall we go” moments! Rain is forecast later and then again on Tuesday morning, our down the Monty day. So, let’s get under way and moor the wee ship at the top of the Monty ready for the off tomorrow and we can also scope out the locks and services whilst walking Toby.

I think we have chosen the time well – hardly any of the mad rush now.
Still a very quiet & rural canal
Val Hill in the distance – each bridge hole is quite a challenge – firstly to line up the boat correctly, then fight against the flow and today the wind also!
Definitely rural!
It was only 54 minutes but here we are from bridge 60 to 69 – a left turn and it’s the Monty
As the signpost confirms
All empty and peaceful here. They allow you to moor up on this lock landing – well, it is only open for 2 hrs a day.
Final spot. Toby’s happy.
After the collapse of an aqueduct, the canal really fell into decay but a lot of effort was (and still is) put into restoring it and one day it will reach the end….Newtown?
The first obstacle is a huge double staircase lock
All the surrounding edges are beautifully maintained.
This must become an iconic photo, not for the bloke but the sign – 3 mph – subtitled, Life in the Slow Lane. It’s meant to be a shallow canal, so I doubt 3 mph could be exceeded.
A lot of rain but then the sun came out again and gave us a magnificent sunset.
Sunset filters, patience and the right place to stand . . . looking down the Llangollen to bridge 1W
Still Waters and the bewitched tree
And there we stay for the night. Enjoying Viv’s new horseradish sauce with sliced beef and mash and marrowfat peas! Luxury. What a delightful spot.