Down the Monty

Tuesday morning and more boats turned up. At 11 ish, Chris the duty lock keeper arrived – he actually lives on his boat, moored down at the arm below the locks. Our name was on top of the list and so, down we went… 3 or 4 boats were coming up too. We just went through the staircase locks and then the next two locks . . turn left into the small basin and stop. That’ll do. Nice spot. Water point and well kept toilets too.

Chris unlocks the padlocks and prepares the lock for us.
Into the top of the massive staircase
Moored just in the old arm – I think this was a branch that went to Shrewsbury, or was intended to . . the lock keepers boat in front of ours
A very pleasant spot – lots of space – no passing boats (or anything), two water points and that small building houses a very well kept toilet block.
Some wild flowers.

We have a very poor internet signal here – so won’t persevere with any more pix or blog – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening when we’re back up t’top!

Pyramidal orchids?
The infamous Perry aqueduct – collapsed in 1936 and the then owners, the railway company didn’t want to fix it and this lead to the demise of the canal. Reviving this in the 90’s has opened up the canal to boats again.
And Toby gets his swim.