More Staying Put

Still in Foxton. But moved down thru the locks – first boat thru at 0915 – no other traffic. Marvellously quiet. Steve’s turn to drive – Viv does the wheeling . .

Oh, here’s one from the night before . . . Bridge 61

Must send this camera back, it’s stuck taking pictures of pubs . . . The Bell Inn at Gumley.

A nice 25 minute walk down the locks and along the canal . .

Nice range of beers (Grainstore, Sharp’s, Timothy Taylor, and Dorset Knob)

Back down the locks . . .

Quite a view from the top . . .

Shows you where we be! Here’s two short videos:

One of the giant gates in between locks:

And t’other of Viv winding the lock paddles – goes a bit wonky at the end as I forgot the boat would sink down . . .

Finally nearing the bottom and bridge 61 – from which the pub gets its name

Couple of 100 yds along and a very quiet, rural spot

Next to bridge 63 and an even shorter walk back to the Bell Inn

Boat looks very small here but it’s a pleasant mooring for one night.

Across the wee bridge to Gumley . . . later for dinner!