Drones, hares & big locks

We met up with an old friend Paul, who used to be on nb Rhiannon and is now sailing nb Monica and just happened to be at the top of Foxton locks when we were at the bottom. He popped round for a cuppa after our trip to the Bell. He also flew his Mavic Pro drone over the boat (around 0730!) and took this superb picture:

Well done Paul & I hope we can get some video shots of us chugging along when we next meet up.  Meanwhile we saw two hares in the opposite field

We chugged on to Saddington tunnel & then a pit stop for re stocking the larder at bridge 73 (Fleckney) and a visit to the local Co-op.

We did meet a boat in the tunnel – why won’t they wait the less-than-ten-minutes it takes is beyond me. And then we had five BIG locks to do. Viv bravely said she would work them and Steve steer. It was a tad windy and the gates kept re-opening. Bit of a pain but only 5 today then stop at Wistow.

Viv does the winding up and gate shifting

And the gates won’t stay shut – Viv is very diligent and will always walk all the way around to close them.

By the third lock (Taylor’s) is this house with it’s yurt. I think they were gearing up for a bit of a “do”, wedding perhaps? And at this lock help arrives – a lady from the boat Triskaideka (13), hurrah, Viv gets help and they saw us coming, so have left the next gates open for us.

Thanks – see you again.

Last one Viv! Then everyone back on the boat.

Hmm, bit of a leaky one this.

Here come the crew . . . no more locks today

Half an hour of chuggin and we reach a clearing with views of the old St Wistan’s church and a nice armco mooring.

The main line railway is behind us but it is a nice view here