Minus Three Degrees in Yelvertoft

A good test of our insulation, heating system and the new windows as we get the first sub-zero temperatures of the winter.  Lots of “country-wise” signs of a hard winter coming – profusion of red berries etc. We’ve both got this rotten cough virus – yuk – phtuwie! Still, the weather does mean gorgeous sunny days:

ic1 ic2


All the pontoons have been salted!


Very still, very bright. A flock of wind turbines turn ever so gently.

On a sour note – the never-ending saga of the secondary glazing goes on . . . we discovered when removing the panes, that the steel strip, attached to the aluminium window frames, has started to rust! Well, they are steel and we did chop them up to fit. We could paint/varnish them but since the test window with it’s two lots of mag tape, seems to be working, we’ll order some of that and re-do the 6 windows with the type B mag tape.