All Cosy & Warm

Well, after an epic time to collect all the right bits and pieces for these secondary glazing panels – the job was finally completed on Friday 25th November. The original test panel looks a tad better as it has two strips of brown magnetic tape, whereas the rest have the white steel sticky strip attached to the metal frames and the brown mag strip on the perspex. So, the white does show thru in places but we can always paint them later.  The main thing is that we are warmer!!  Just as well as we both have stinking colds – not the old one but an evil, genetic mutant that mainly gives you a persistent cough! Everyone here is sufffering – so lots of people all tucked up in their boats – fires aglow & sipping LemSips galore.

Viv’s researching the idea of a camper van (RV) to takes us to Spain . . . just an idea . .  but the warmth does sound attractive. Next week’s forecast is for dry but very cold weather: