Going through the motions!

Ah, that all-consuming topic with boaters – toilets!

After the “let’s throw the hop & yeast residue down the pan” mishap, I got to know the ins and outs of the Jabsco macerating, flesh flush toilet system quite well. Brand new these babies are £652 !!

So today was the day for removing the seat and fixing the replacement hinge. Simples. Here’s that rather unfortunately named image, the exploding toilet:

You have to unscrew the four long screws that hold the whole thing down, swivel the whole away from the wall and get at the bits from behind! All done and item No. 2 is now fitted.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The exit pipe was kinked and had to be lifted to straighten and then there was a fresh water leak by the solenoid (No 31 in the pic). Hmm, it seemed the fresh water was leaking slowly into the bowl and also from around the exit pipe of the valve assembly. A brief look on the Jabsco website and the item was found:

Hmm, £102.99 ex. VAT ! I don’t fink so! Let’s take it all apart and sure enough the valve had not shut – I could easily blow thru the pipes. I pushed a screwdriver up it, despite Corporal Jones’s advice and found I could push the valve up and down. I then tried to blow thru and couldn’t. Ha! Problem solved. Probably a bit of grit stuck in the valve – reassemble and so far, all’s well. Finito de fretto.

Being a bit of Muppet at practical things, I now tie a folded kitchen tissue around any pipework that I’ve worked on . . . in a “just in case” it hasn’t worked.

Oh, a new towel had arrived. So another job to fit that. The old one was very proud from the wall and we kept hitting it! This one is much simpler and neater.

Please, no more bathroom issues for a while!