Day 63 – Market Day in Stone

Today’s forecast was set for a scorcher – so defo stopo, ya? Sorry the sun’s getting to me already.


We’d heard it were market day in t’town. So a few chores – like giving me stack a second coat of paint then off to town, via the Trent to give the dog a swim.

A second coat
A second coat

The Trent is just a trickle here but enough for a Toby swim – nice action shot from Viv.


And even a short video of the squirmy dog



A very busy market – mainly food on sale and mainly local too


A whole stall dedicated to Black Pudding!


I bought a jar of gherkins, pickled eggs (Balti flavour!), black pudding with smoked bacon & leek – I found out from the stall holder that all black pudding is already cooked – new one on me – it’s nicer fried but can be eaten as it comes!


And the local speciality are oatcakes – there’s a restaurant in town that does em and everywhere there’s stalls selling them stuffed hot with whatever you want!

Plan is to leave this lovely place tomorrow and head for Great Haywood or beyond. Slowly making our way back to the marina. We have a funeral to attend back in Bristol – our dear 94 year old neighbour Ron.  Here’s a photo from earlier days: