Day 58 – Early Start to Westport

I don’t know what it is about us. We moor up, just a couple of boats and then a bit like the film The Birds, you turn around and there’s thirteen of the blighters! With the prospect of a dozen locks and the Hairy Castle tunnel, oh yes for it is that near 3,000 yard monster today, we were up early and off by 0740. A record for us. But the sun was out and it was lovely, serene and really enjoyable. Some of the locks were in our favour and we were at the tunnel by 1110 and straight in, the last one. All moored up by 1230. Brilliant. And beside a giant lake for Toby. We even shut up shop and took luncheon in the visitors centre:Westport Lake Visitors Centre. We had a pot of tea for two, real trad, with a spare pot of hot water plus homemade oat pancakes stuffed with cheese & bacon.

Here’s the inside o Lock No 47


Usually duplicated but this other one is now derelict – makes a good subject for a photo


Doesn’t it?


An unusual view – a happy Steve!


More arty shots from Viv


And a view of Mow Cop in the distance



And that happy skipper (tummy clenched in!)


Locks nearly all done – notice we’re back to the filthy ochre water now and the bridge ahead is in fact an aqueduct, carrying the start of the Macclesfield canal.


Lots of boaters – esp. the hiring sort, whizz round doing a “ring”. The Cheshire Ring is quite famous, in fact we’ve done the left-hand bit. This sign gives you some directions and the miles too.


And thru the tunnel. Nice being last one in as there’s no b*gger steaming up behind you. A good photo, with the newly polished side of the boat on view plus a jolly relieved Toby, thank God that’s over he’s saying. Note to boaters – there’s a good water point here.


Our final (for today) mooring point at 1230. Again, we were just 2 boats and then the flock descended and there were nine. Then a stream of dozens as they shot off to or from the tunnel.


An example of Steven not taking nice photos! Here he is in Gumby mode! Nice cafe & view of the lake.