Day 57 – Sunday, a day of rest.

With the morning sun streaming it’s bounty of solar energy onto the hungry panels, we are staying put. A day of rest. Well, after a bacon butty or two, we may do a few chores. Viv has rearranged the towel cupboard and I’ve pumped out the drippings from the stern gland and mopped out the bilge. Such fun. Any requests for more boat porn? You seen the stern gland, how about the Victron charger/invertor? Or the inside of the infamous weed hatch or the Jabsco macerator! Wow. Pix to follow.

Toby’s out on the towpath, I put a sign up saying “Toby, I’m friendly”

Another wee animal was going peep, peep, peep

And here’s where we’ll be soon . .

You can see how far it is to walk, Adagio, 3rd boat along!

Well  blow me down me hearties, Black Bart be a watching us! ☠

Best make an early start tomorrow, we was only two ships here this morning, now there be thirteen!

Twelve locks and the devil’s own tunnel to contend with!  Aaarrrrrrrggghh!