Day 53 – Marbury Country Park

Not too early a start, away by 0930ish,  off we chug to Marbury Country Park, mooring on rings by the milepost (8 miles to Preston Brook). Only 6 miles today then but we did two tunnels. Saltersford is one way, so you get 20 mins from the half hour to go thru. Barnton is also one way but you have to peer in to see if anything is coming thru! Such fun. No not really. Was in a bit of a grump today; worried  about the leak and if anything else would go wrong. Then there were  four boats at the water point, what were they all doing?? Well, they were members of the Mersey Boat Club, in convoy and taking on water. Anyway got to the mooring by lunchtime, which was nice. No photos today because I can’t be ars*d and I’m not sure anyone is really reading all this! OK, I relent – it was a great sunset and shed loads of geese flew over too:

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