Day 52 – Second Day at Dutton

A quiet day after all those Margaritas! With poor TV reception we ended up watching Swordfish on DVD again! After a day cleaning and tidying (more re-blacking the scrapes), we took the dog back down to the river Weaver and Dutton locks. We got Toby his swim and a decent stroll too. On the way back I chatted with Chris, the CRT lock keeper, full of knowledge about the lock and the traffic on the river. There were just two of us moored but as time went by, two became six, seven if you count the workboat!

Good grief, I turn round and two more turn up. There’s nine now!

No wonder CRT Chris describes up here as the motorway! The Weaver is a desert in comparison.

We did hang around to see if two approaching narrowboats would go through the locks but no, one tied up for the night and the other took piccies then turned round and went back! Shame. It’s a massive lock (see posts passim) and uses half a million litres of water ( or was that gallons?) on every fill.

Off to Anderton and that mooring at Marbury country park.