Day 42 – Melling to New Lane

Lazy trip today, there’s no pressure to get anywhere fast! We stopped in Maghull to do the usual shopping and then planned to stop at Farmer’s Bridge (No 31) and the pub – ‘ere tis:


Sorry not many more pix today – the blog may get a little thin as we re-trace our steps. We waved goodbye to Coriolis as they went along and then we met up with Mark on Dreamcatcher No1 – the guy on the purple boat who kept being rescued by RCR and other boaters in Liverpool docks. He even made an oil slick! He seems OK now and is single-handed. He’s aiming for Pennington Flash too, so we may see him again. I promised Viv a meal out tonight, so it’s either the Farmer’s Arms or the Slipway . .  depending on their beer offerings.

View from the boat – all the way to the Blackpool tower!

We went to the Slipway in the end – not too bad, Thwaites beer but liver & bacon with real mash for £8

Nice spot but make note to self – do not moor anywhere near a pub on a Saturday night!!