Day 41 – Exit Liverpool

Despite our coughs and colds and the 0740 get up & go needed to exit Liverpool – we were off! And yes, it rained again but not until later. So out into the weird tunnels … and goodbye to the odd scupltures . .

The “Superlambananas”, I think …

Past the three graces and the ferry terminal … it feels like you’re creeping out of the city … no one knows you’re there

Out thru Sid’s Ditch and past old warehouses …

Reminds me of B Bond in Bristol and used for the same produce

We were in convoy, as usual, this time paired up with a lovely couple on Coriolis Again (they’re third boat!), we kept pace with them for a few days.

Up thru the four Stanley Locks

Always good for a natter at these locks …

And then the usual, stop-to-clear-the-prop every 5 minutes with weed, plastic bags etc

And then we got to Melling and we could rest. We also heard that our house had finally been sold so we could open the bottle of fizz and celebrate (Nyetimber, from Waitrose, darling). Early night!!