Day 4 – Hillmorton

Bit of a murky start but the forecast is set fair later, so off we go. Batteries down 106Ah or 77%, depending which gadget you look at, so on with the engine and TravelPack – which played up a bit today. It just stopped working after half an hour – got too warm I suspect as it returned a few minutes later. It was trying to pump 91 amps or 1250 Watts into the batteries. Must get it serviced – recommended a place in Atherstone – Cox Autos. Just as good as we’re passing thru there end of the week. There’s always sommit to worry about on a boat.

Plan today is just to chug down past Hillmorton locks and then moor up. We go past Barby marina – where Mark has his boat – now on his own outside, inline mooring.

How cute! I’ll have one 13 and two 40’s please!!
The long straight
Barby Moorings
Some interesting sights here
Including our good friend, Mark – who has his boat, his plot and his stage!
He travels to water festivals and lets groups perform in the tent
Our fellow Yelvertoft neighbours on Romany
Steve’s turn to “do” the locks and Viv drives the 3 locks – the busiest on the network.
And Toby just watches . . .
Viv’s Beaker impression
On to the final lock
Short video of Viv sliding Adagio into the lock – superbly done!
Our not quite final resting place . . . it bumped here as boats went past – note to boaters – don’t moor here if you want your boat to bump & grind on the bottom! We moved around the corner to Armco and non-bumping moorings. Toby not panicking every 5 minutes now.