Day 34 – The View From

Our first full day here in the city of Liverpool and yes, to quote Kenny Everett, it is a big throbbing Metrolopis! It is huge and awesome. We took the dog to Sefton Park, on the bus! And also visited lots of museums around the docks plus a meal in the Cuban restaurant … pix to follow. Meanwhile here’s a very amateur video from our side hatch …

View of the docks from the maritime museum

Albert dock

View across the Mersey and yes, there is a ferry there !

Our trip to Sefton Park (just to walk the dog!), he also gets the end of Viv’s ice cream.

In the park was a replica of Eros … nice park.

It was then back on the bus and back to town – past China town . .

Even at night the whole area of the docks looks magical