Day 27?

Oops. Getting too narrowboaty. Forgetting to do the blog or even recall what day it is. This is one reason for doing all this – so that when we are in our dotage (or more in our dotage . . ), we can use it to recall things. For example we met up with nb Rosie – I didn’t remember the boat or the people until Viv said, you know, they were the boat we teamed up with to enter Liverpool docks – the nice Welsh couple! And yes, I do now. Chris & Lesley, continuous cruisers for some 16 years, there’s lovely! It was great to see them again and have a natter. So, where are we? And where have we been ? Well, down by there and now, down by ‘ere!

With the thought of not mooring close to the M6, we pressed on through 5 locks to Penkridge. Lots of interesting shops here, including a big Co-op. Big on the outside but oddly small in its offering inside.

We had planned to stay here but fancied moving on – an afternoon cruise. So we chugged on the next five locks (still going uphill) for a few hours, again, avoiding mooring too near the M6 or any form of habitation – we like it quiet.